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Release date: November 10, 2021

Welcome to RenderMan for Blender 24.2!

RenderMan for Blender 24.2 brings some new functionality to artists, as well as several bug fixes. 

Blender Builds Supported

Blender 2.83LTS

Blender 2.93LTS

What's New:

  • Add a new Volume Aggregates editor. For more information on volume aggregates, see the documentation 
  • For PxrCamera projection, you can now select an object as tilt-shift focus object.
  • Add a new UI for adding user attributes.
  • Add a new preference that inverts the behavior of light linking. When enabled, only objects that are linked to a light will be illuminated.
  • Added a new preference to control collapsing of nodes when node soloing is turned on.
  • A new PackageScene operator has been added to the side N-panel. This will try to zip your scene and assets, so that it can be sent to support.
  • Tangent and bitangents are now exported as primitive variables for meshes.
  • Preset browser now has storage options for where assets such as textures for presets are saved.


  • "it": We now ignore render regions if you're using "it" for IPR. If you need render region like behavior, use the crop window feature in "it".
  • Edits to ramps should now work with IPR. Using the "Force Refresh" button should no longer be required (requires your scene to be saved first).
  • PxrDiffuse will be used as a fallback if we don't have a Bxdf node connected to the RenderMan output node.
  • Clipping planes now work in IPR
  • We now respond to render regions during IPR. The Crop Winodw operator will now also draw a render region if used.
  • The CropWindow and Enhance/Zoom operators now also responds to the numpad enter key.
  • Solo/Unsolo button is now available in the side N-panel.
  • Connection and preset menus are now available in the side N-panel.
  • Motion blur hair should now be working
  • For particle emitters, we now use velocity as the basis for motion blur.
  • Add a new button to revert to regular Blender view layers, when RenderMan displays were enabled.
  • You can now change the default size of RenderMan shading nodes, using a JSON override file.
  • We now have a separate micropolygonlength control for volumes.
  • There's now a separate motion samples control for deformation motion blur.
  • For OpenVDB, there are now new controls: Filter Width, Density Multiplier, Density Rolloff
  • Ray number stats have been added to the live stats panel.
  • There is now a preference to control the amount of stats that are printed in the live stats panel.
  • Add a new clear unused textures button to the texture manager.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix issue with viewport rendering causing icons in the UI to corrupt.
  • Fix issues with redrawing the stats panel causing flickering
  • Fix a bug that cause importing of assets from the preset browser dropdown menu to fail
  • When converting a Blender point light, take the scale into account
  • Multiple fixes for node groups in shading networks.
  • Fix issue where Depth of Field did not update correctly during IPR.
  • Fix issue with displacement not working with per-face materials.
  • Fix issue where OptiX denoiser was not working when RenderMan displays was used.
  • Multiple fixes for the PxrOSL node.
  • PxrToFloat3 and PxrToFloat nodes will be automatically inserted when connections between floats and float3 types are used.
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues when importing presets with ramp nodes in them.
  • Fixed issues with PxrPortalLight's not inheriting intensity and light color correctly from the connected dome light.
  • Fixed multiple issues with linking to materials and objects from another Blender file, that included ramps
  • Node soloing nodes that are within node groups should now work.
  • Fix issue with viewport snapshot not working correctly when using the resolution multiplier
  • Fix issue with zoom/enhance not working correctly when using the resolution multiplier