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RenderMan for Blender can substitute a number of predefined tokens in string parameters. They can be used for animated texture sequences, referencing specific storage locations, etc. Each token should be wrapped inside two angle brackets. Below is a list of default tokens.

<TEMP>Temporary directory. On linux and macOS this is set to /tmp. On Windows, C:/tmp.
<OUT>The main root output directory for all generated files for the scene. Can be set in Workspace Editor.
<blend>The current blend filename. Set to UNTITLED if the current scene has not been saved.
<blend_dir>The directory where the current blend file is in.
<scene>The name of the current scene being rendered.
<layer>The current view layer being rendered
<aov>AOV name
<f4>Frame padding, 4 in this case, can be omitted for no padding or use lower numbers. Both capital and lowercased 'f' is recognized.
<ext>File type extension
<file>This is the same as <blend> as above
<version>Inserts the version number specified in the Workspace Editor
<take>Inserts the take number specified in the Workspace Editor
<date>Current date
<frame>Decimal frame number
<jobid>Unique job identifier
<time>Current time
<ws>The same as <OUT> as above

Custom user tokens can also be added (see Workspace Editor).