Working with UDIMs in Blender is very straightforward.

If your textures use the Mari UDIM style and the filename is: Diffuse.1001.tex, you need to set the Atlas Style to UDIM (Mari) and in the filename parameter, use Diffuse.<UDIM>.tex for the textures to load into their correct UDIMs.  

Note : <UDIM> can be in either UPPER or lowercase <udim>

A Mari UDIM example for the first UV tile would be Diffuse.1001.tex where "1001" replaces <UDIM> in the texture filename. 



Atlas Style

Use in path


0Diffuse.1001.texUDIM (Mari)Diffuse.<UDIM>.texDiffuse.<udim>.tex
1Diffuse.U1_V1.texUV Tile Base-1 (Mudbox)Diffuse.<U>_<V>.tex
2Diffuse.u0_v0.texUV Tile Base-0 (Zbrush)Diffuse.<u>_<v>.tex

Please refer to the full PxrTexture page for more information

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