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Artists can use RenderMan's Preset Browser to save and share materials, dome lights, and light rigs between DCCs and departments.

The Preset Browser works within the Solaris context and can be found under RenderMan → Preset Browser.

Loading HDRIs

Environment maps can easily be loaded into an existing domelight node by first selecting the domelight node you wish to attach the map to and selecting Import and Assign to Selected

Choosing Import with no domelight node selected, will automatically create a domelight note and assign the selected environment map

Loading Materials

If you already have a Solaris Material Library node you wish to load a preset material into, simply select the materiallibrary node and select Import into Selected Material Library. 
This will import the selected material preset into the selected Material Library.

If a materiallibrary node is not selected or does not exist, you can choose Import or Import and Assign to Selected and that preset will be loaded into a newly created Material Library

Saving Materials 

Currently, there is a limitation in Solaris that will only export one material from a selected materiallibrary

Simply, select the materiallibrary node and click on the new material icon in the Preset Browser