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The RenderMan Menu is added to Houdini when the RenderMan for Houdini plugin is loaded.

If the top-level menu is customized to remove either the Help Menu or the RenderMan - RIS tool, the RenderMan menu tools will not be installed correctly. You will need to edit the <insertBefore> and <insertAfter> options in MainMenuCommon.xml to position them correctly in your customized menu.


  • Render: Start an interactive render session from a selected ROP node
  • Render in Background: Begin batch rendering to images in the background from the selected ROP node
  • Bake Render: Render a baking operation to the background using the PxrBake nodes
  • Dump RIB: Export a RIB file (defaults to .hip file location and Binary format)

  • Stop Render: End the render process

  • Create Light: Quick creation of RenderMan light types
  • Create Light Filter: Quick creation of RenderMan light filter types
  • Create Material: Quick creation of RenderMan materials
  • Create Integrator: Create an integrator for the ROP node from a list

  • Subdivide: Add and enable subdivision properties to the selected objects
  • Holdout: Setup AOVs for the selected ROP node to export a holdout pass with shadows
  • Open Image Tool: Open the RenderMan Image Tool "it" for seeing and cataloging renders

  • Help: RenderMan Help Documentation
  • About RenderMan: The RenderMan version information and legal disclosures