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Render to an arbitrary number of displays by setting the Displays parameter to the desired number of displays. Each display can contain additional AOVs/LPE per display. We recommend OpenEXR and TIF formats. Note that we require OpenEXR for denoising.

Display Options

Display options become visible and editable when a display driver is selected. There are no additional options for interactive renders to the image tool or the Houdini display.

Note that quantized 8-but images will default to sRGB output to avoid banding.


This is the preferred format for all of your renders. It provides an efficient format that holds your images, data, and more.

Bit depth is typically 16-float for color/illumination and 32-bit reserved for data like Z or Position

Zips compression is preferred by The Foundry's Nuke


The common tif format is an older but still capable format for final renders

Quantized renders are for non-float bit depth

Supported depth formats, float32 is preferred

The default compression choice of lzw is a common compression for most applications viewing Tiff files

The resolution unit is useful for conversion to print sizes



TEX (RenderMan Texture Format) We recommend Pixar Format for performance reasons.

Render to a texture file, you can find more about these options in the txmake documentation.