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Known Limitations


  • Light filters are currently not supported

  • Mesh lights currently do not function as expected

  • Light filter linking is not available
  • PxrEnvDayLight and PxrAovLight are not supported

  • Custom light plugins are not supported 

  • Portal lights are not supported
  • We do not support the light handle operation to match the normal or shading attributes of a surface

Interactive Rendering

  • AOVs and LPEs are not supported
  • CropWindows are not available
  • Bucket Order and Bucket Origin options do not work as expected
  • Interactive de-noising is not available
  • PxrMaterial Builder nodes to not work as expected
  • Lighting issues listed above apply in interactive rendering
  • The RenderSettings node does not apply to interactive renders
  • Custom camera projects are not available
  • Interactive modifications to DOF is not possible

Batch Rendering

  • RenderMan Display drivers are not supported
  • AOVs and LPEs are not supported
  • Lighting issues listed above apply in batch rendering


  • NURBS and Implicits not supported
  • Nested Instances are pre-expanded


  • txmake must be run manually on textures
  • The dynamic array node is not expected to work in Solaris for the initial release

Expansion and plugins

  • Only the built-in Integrators are supported
  • Only the built-in Projection plugins are supported