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PxrAOVLight is a handy utility light that allows a lighting artist to output a shot-specific AOV mask without needing to request one from the shading artists or generate a Light Path Expression (LPE).

Light Linking with PxrAovLight

Use Light Linking to include/exclude pieces of geometry in the AOV. In this example, the PxrAovLight is "off" globally and "on" the tree in the scene.  This linking set up creates creates a mask of the tree.

Light Filters and PxrAovLight

Because PxrAovLight is a "light", we can add a light filters to modify the output AOV.  In this example, the PxrIntMultLightFilter is attached to PxrAovLight.  The Light Filter is only linked to the tree trunk, resulting in a gray value for the tree trunk mask.