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We can create a material using the RenderMan Shelf or in the shop pane.

 Using the MAT Pane

  • Create a Material, PxrMaterialBuilder. Note that this node will filter out unsupported nodes


  • Dive into the Material Builder (double click) and create a BxDF VOP, PxrSurface to connect to the output_collect (we recommend using a PxrLayerSurface if you know you will be layering effects)

  • Wire the bxdf into the output_collect

  • Add Pattern VOP to modify the Bxdf setting. Below we wire a PxrTexture into the Diffuse Color. We also add a PxrDisplace with a texture to the second shader slot on the out_collect. (If displacing, be sure your object has a set non-zero displacement bound)

Assign Material

To assign the material to your object, simply drag the material op path to Material.