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RenderMan Shelf

RenderMan for Houdini provides its own shelf with shortcuts for many of the most basic and useful features.

Rendering / Setup


Start an IPR render session

Stop an IPR render session

Open the Image Tool, 'It'

Create RenderMan ROP along with a PxrPathTracer Integrator and a path to /cam1 (camera not automatically created)

Create RenderMan Stylized Looks ROP adding in Stylized Looks AOVs & Display Filters - if an OBJ with a PxrSurface is selected it will also assign a PxrStylizedControl.

Add Parameters to selected OBJ, useful for quickly adding valid RenderMan parameters



Make selected objects a holdout object

Create a PxrSurface VOP and assign it to the OBJ

Create a LamaSurface and assign it to the OBJ



Create a PxrRectLight OBJ

Create a PxrDiskLight OBJ

Create a  PxrSphereLight OBJ

Create a PxrCylinderLight OBJ

Create a PxrMeshLight OBJ for the selected OBJ

Create Volume Light setup for the selected Volume OBJ

Create a PxrDomeLight OBJ

Create a PxrPortalLight OBJ

Create a PxrEnvDayLight OBJ

Create a  PxrDistantLight OBJ

Create a PxrAOVLight OBJ