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Release date: January 6, 2022

Welcome to RenderMan for Houdini 24.3!

RenderMan for Houdini 24.3 brings some new functionality to artists, as well as several bug fixes. 

These release notes are meant to be used together with the release notes from RenderMan for Houdini 24.0, 24.1, and 24.2.  Also please see the release notes for RenderMan itself for the set of enhancements and bug fixes that you can find within the renderer in this release.

  • RenderMan for Houdini 24.3 supports the following Houdini production builds: 18.0.597, 18.5.672, 18.5.696, 18.5.759, 19.0.383, and 19.0.455

Common Components

  • Preset browser: Fixed an issue where material assets created in Houdini would not import correctly into Maya and would leave new nodes disconnected
  • Preset browser: materials are now converted to the current color space.
  • Preset browser: bump 2 roughness maps are now correctly converted to tex.

Specific Fixes for RenderMan for Houdini

  • Fixed an issue where float channels were not being added to Houdini display
  • Added Op_Id channel to the display allow objection selection.

  • Incremental cannot be turned off in interactive rendering
  • The "rest" and "rnml" houdini primvars can now be output as AOVs by all integrators
  • Stricter node namespace matching for scene updating code ("ris" -> "ris::")
  • Fix a PxrOSL compile crash in Python 3
  • (Solaris): Per Lobe LPE options can now bet set from the RenderMan LOP
  • (Solaris): MaterialX shading nodes wired together in Solaris should now work in RenderMan