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When rendering it's usual required that you set a default pose or position for your object to become a reference for later renders even if the object deforms or moves around. This is to prevent "swimming" or a texture effect appearing to slide across the object as it animates. It's typically referred to by its technical name of Pref.

In Houdini, you can easily set a parameter using the rest node. This will create a rest attribute (and optional rnml). RenderMan for Houdini will automatically rename this to Pref (and Nref) for most houdini geometry. For procedurals, this renaming does not happen, so you should rename the rest attribute yourself.

In your patterns, you should use Pref (and Nref) and that is the attribute name that RenderMan sees. 

From here your renders should use the default position and shape set by the Rest node.