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RenderMan geometry settings appear as a tab on the Render Geometry Settings LOP when RenderMan for Houdini is installed.

These are the sames settings that can be found in the RenderMan spare parameter tab on object nodes. All available parameters are listed but none are set by default.

Choose "Set or Create" or "Set if Exists" to create or change an opinion on the geometry attribute or choose "Block" to disable previous opinions on the attribute. 


Along with setting up a material network with a PxrDisplace as shown here, you will also need to add displacement settings to the geometry. These parameters can be found in RenderMan 23.0 > Master Attributes > Shading > Displacement. At a minimum, primvars:displacementbound:sphere needs to be set > 0. 

If tearing occurs, select Smooth Normals and Smooth Displacement under Master Attributes > Geometry > Polygon.