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There are 3 required components for setting up a stylized render:

1. Add a Stylized Display Filter

These filters can be created and appended to the display filter list with the RenderMan menu tool.  

2. Enable Stylized AOVs

This parameter will add the necessary AOVs to the displays. Disabling this option will remove stylized display filters from the render. 

3. Connect PxrStylizedControl to materials

Not all objects in the scene need to have this pattern.  A dynamic array is needed to connect the integer output of PxrStylizedControl to PxrSurface's utilityPattern input. To add PxrStylizedControl to multiple materials, use the Stylize tool found in the RenderMan menu.

The "R24 Stylized" shelf button will set up all 3 necessary components described above

  • Create a RIS ROP with stylized looks enabled.
  • Adds Hatching display filter.
  • Adds PxrStylizedControl to the materials of all selected objects.