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Release date: July 30, 2021

Welcome to RenderMan for Katana 24.1!

RenderMan for Katana 24.1 brings some new functionality to artists, as well as several bug fixes. 

These release notes are meant to be used together with the release notes from RenderMan for Katana 24.0.  Also please see the release notes for RenderMan itself for the set of enhancements and bug fixes that you can find within the renderer in this release.

What's New

  • Add capability to select which GPU should be used for XPU

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where live statistics was not working in Katana
  • Correctly handling channel removal and restoration when live rendering
  • Update PrmanStylizedLooks macro aovs list
    • Re-order display filters (toon -> hatching -> lines
    • Removed NPRfinal aov
    • Disable toon by default
  • Fixed a bug that caused renders to use the weighted pixelfiltermode instead of the default, importance, when the pixelfiltermode was not specified.