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In Katana there are 2 ways to setup Stylized Looks:

  1. A simple "beginner" Macro that has everything in it.
  2. A more advanced manual option for the user to set everything up manually, with more control and daisy-chain options.

The beginner macro looks like this:

In the macro, there are 3 nodes: Toon, Hatching, and Lines.

Outside the macro, there is also the StylizedControl node, which is connected to PxrSurface like this:

If the Stylized Looks macro isn't already in your scene, simply add it from scratch by hitting Tab in the Nodegraph, and it will appear in the menu like this:

Then, we add a shading node from the same menu:

Then select PxrStylizedControl:

 and connect resultAOV to utilityPattern on PxrSurface.