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Maya Curves

Maya curves can be tagged to be rendered.  Create curves with one of the curve tools under:

Create > Curve Tools

In the Attribute Editor be sure and assign a material to your curves:

That's it!  You should see the curve in your render.

For hair/fur curves: To use the IGS/Interactive Xgen surface UVs for color/texture, you can reference this in the PxrManifold2D of your color placement as scalpS and scalpT Primvars.


By default, RenderMan renders curves as tubes, which is ideal for hair and fur.

For flat, ribbon style curves, the curve needs to be supplied with normals. Maya doesn't have this functionality out of the box, so there's a RenderMan-centric way to accomplish this via primvars.

  • Select the curve's shape node (select the curve in the outliner and press the down arrow).
  • Add a RenderMan primvar named rmanNN
    • main menu > Modify
    • Add Attribute...
    • Long Name = rmanNN
    • data Type = Vector
  • Change rmanNN in the curve shape node to anything but 0, for example, 1, 0, 0.
  • This will supply the curve with a normal and twist the curve.

Maya Scene >


To learn more about RenderMan Primitive Variables in RenderMan for Maya, check out the About Primitive Variables page: