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RenderMan for Maya provides a RenderMan menu in Maya's main menu bar, for easy access to features of the plug-in.

IPR Render

Starts an interactive preview rendering session.

Preview Render 

Starts a render of the current frame to "it" or Maya's Render view.

Batch Preview Render

Starts a batch render to the display or 'it'.

Batch Render

Starts a batch render. This defaults to Mayabatch and not RIB. You can change this in the Maya Preferences under RenderMan.

Bake Render

Starts a bake render, which is a kind of batch render that bakes textures without illumination.

Render Settings...

Opens Maya's Render Settings window with RenderMan as the current renderer.


Opens the Maya preferences and RenderMan section.


Open common tools like 'it', the texture manager and more instead of using the shelf icons.

Archive >

Export, Import, or select RenderMan Archive nodes

Diagnose >

View Statistics

Opens the statistics file from the last render in a web browser

View RIB

Opens a newly generated RIB file in a text editor (note we do not create a RIB when rendering inside Maya)

View RIB for selection

Generates a RIB file in a text editor containing the geometry calls for the current selection in Maya

Script Editor Logging Level

Choose the amount of verbosity you desire to be output into the Maya Script Editor. Debug has the most output, useful for problem solving, with Info being the least and displaying progress information.

Disk Logging Level

Output logs written to disk and have the same options as Script Editor above but include Error, Critical, and Warning message levels.

Utilities >

Update Render Globals Presets 

        Rebuild the presets for the render settings quality selections.

Convert to PxrLayerSurface

        Attempts to convert a PxrSurface to a PxrLayerSurface node


Options to check the licensing of the plugin. You can retry checking out a license from your server or open the license app to view available licenses


Useful links to documentation and forums. This opens in your default browser.

About RfM...

Opens a dialog showing version and build number information