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The Query pane is a general purpose tool for the search and display of Tractor entities.


The layout of the header consists of a drop-down entity menu, a refresh button, a search clause text entry, and a bookmark drop-down menu. The remaining portion of the pane is used to display the matching entities.


Using the search page typically involves three steps.

First, the desired entity is selected from the drop-down menu, if it isn't already selected. Possible entities are job, task, command, invocation, and blade. The include archives in search checkbutton can optionally be selected if matching deleted jobs are also to be displayed.

Second, the desired attributes are selected from the same drop-down menu. A description of the attribute is displayed when hovered over. For some entities, attributes of affiliated entities can be selected. For example, the job owner could be selected when searching for tasks. The selection of all attributes of an entity can be toggled by shift-selecting them. If no attributes are selected for the entity to be queried, all of them will be retrieved.

Lastly, a search clause is entered. The search clause must follow the Tractor search clause syntax. If no search clause is entered, all entities are returned.

The search can be executed by pressing the refresh button or by pressing enter in the search clause text entry.

When a query has been executed, the entities and attributes are displayed in the rows and columns in the body of the pane. Entities can be sorted by attribute by selecting the column header for that attribute. Columns can be reordered by dragging their header, and resized by dragging the divider between headers.


The bookmark icon can be selected to display a drop-down menu to create new bookmarks or execute existing ones. A bookmark saves the search string, entity, attributes, column order, and column widths. Bookmarks are named and will appear under the section named after the relevant entity.

To add a bookmark, press the bookmark icon with the plus sign. A prompt will appear for a bookmark title, which will subsequently be used to represent the bookmark in the menu.

To remove a bookmark, press the bookmark icon with the minus sign. The icon will become red to indicate that selecting a bookmark will cause it to be removed.

Hyperlink to Jobs and Tasks

Double-clicking on a job will display the job and its graph in the job pane. The jid must be one of the displayed attributes for the Dashboard to infer which job is to be displayed.

Double-clicking on a task, command, or invocation will also display the job in the job pane, with the associated task selected as well. The jid and tid attributes must be displayed attributes for the Dashboard to infer which job and task are to be displayed.

Truncated Result Sets

Note that there is a site-configurable maximum number of entities that will be returned for any search in order to avoid performance problems in the Dashboard and on the engine, as unrestricted query results could contain millions of rows in large data sets.