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Setup in Blender

Similar to integrators, you You can create Display and Sample Filters in the world render properties Image RemovedImage Added. Click the Add RenderMan Display Filters Nodetree button or Add RenderMan Sample Filters Nodetree.

Image Removed

Image Added

You should see the In addition to an Integrator panel, you should also see panels for Display Filters and Sample Filters expand similar to below.


Clicking Add RenderMan Display Filters Nodetree will automatically add a PxrBackgroundDisplayFilter node and inherit the World color as the background color.

Multiple Display and Sample Filters can be used. Clicking Add will add a new slot for an additional Display Filter or Sample Filter that can be added. To remove a filter, click the - button next to the name. Like integrators, display and sample filters are just shading nodes inside of the world node.