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On the Beautiful, Briny...


Size of the ocean patch in meters. Larger values "fit" a larger expanse of the ocean into the rendered geometry.


The sharpness of the peaks of the waves are is controlled by this parameter. Also affects foam values.


Defines a smoothing factor for the overall ocean surface. Cuts off (removes) waves with wavelengths smaller than the specified value.

Wave Height

Height mulitplier multiplier for waves.

Wind Direction

Direction The direction the waves travel in.


Bias waves travelling traveling in the direction of the wind. Value of 0 makes waves travel opposite to the wind direction. 1.0 makes the waves travel in the wind direction only.


Makes wave peaks appear white, instead of make making wave troughs white.


Gamma factor to apply to the eigenvalue output.


Lastly, turn on invertFoam in the aaOceanPrmanShader node so that the white appears at the wave peaks. You should then get a render similar to the image below.

Not so calm anymore.