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Blender 2.83LTS

Blender 2.92

Blender 2.93LTS – new in 24.1!


If you're using Windows and Blender 2.93, please download and apply it to your RenderMan Pro Server installation:

What's New:

  • Certain specific lights will now be textured in the viewport (ex: PxrRectLight). This can be turned off in the preferences.
  • The wireframe drawing of lights can now be turned off in the preferences.
  • Added a new UI for adding user attributes
  • A new popover panel has been added to viewport to edit RenderMan viewport preferences
  • Some icons have been updated to higher resolution versions (change by King-Wally)
  • Added initial support for Liquid Fluids.
  • Added shortcuts to the light linking, light mixer, and trace sets editor to the RenderMan tab (change by King-Wally)