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See Sample and Display Filters for more information on RenderMan sample and display filters.

Setting up Display and Sample Filters

In your camera OBJ, using Edit Parameter Interface, add a shop_outputpath to your camera's Render TAB. Label it "Display Filter"


If you want the camera to output a sample filter instead of display filter, add another parameter:  ri_usesamplefilter.  Label it "Use Sample Filter".


Inside your RIS Network, pick a Pxr display or sample filter VOP.


Drag the VOP path to the Display Filter parameter.


If it is a sample filter, turn on "Use Sample Filter"


Using Multiple Display or Sample Filters

For multiple display filters, in your RIS Network, create a PxrDisplayFilterCombiner VOP.

For multiple sample filters, in your RIS Network, create a PxrSampleFilterCombiner VOP.


In the combiner, hit the + icon to dynamically create a display/sample filter.  Use the x icon to remove it.


You cannot wire a Pxr display/sample combiner into another Pxr display/sample combiner.


Drag the path of the combiner VOP to the Display Filter parameter.