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A camera model that approximates a number of real world physical effects.

This supports all of the traditional prman perspective camera settings including shaped motion blur and bokeh.

Some examples of the effects PxrCamera can do:

Barrel Distortion / Chromatic Aberration / Split Diopter / Tilt-Shift / Vignetting

Standard Parameters


Field of view (FOV) in degrees. For rectangular images this is normally the FOV along the narrower image dimension.

Below is a conversion table for standard prime lenses to their horizontal fov value

lens mmHorizontal fov

Therefore, to mimick a 50mm prime lens with the PxrCamera, you would enter the value of 39.6 in the FOV parameter

fov (end)

Field of view (FOV) in degrees. Used to motion blur fast zooms. 0.0 means it is the same during the rendering


Aperture size, controls depth of field blurriness. High values emulate a pinhole camera and depth of field is disabled.

Focal Length

The focal length of the camera in scene units measured from the camera lens. High F-stop values disable this.

Focal Distance

Distance to the focal plane where objects are in focus, measured in scene units from the camera to the object. High F-stop values disable this.