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When creating a turntable for look development, it's useful to render an object with an environment and ground for lighting and reflection.

This pattern is intended to be used with a High Dynamic Range Image or HDRI, typically an OpenEXR file of a photographically captured environment that is also your light source using a PxrDomeLight. It is then connected to your ground geometry material.

The placement controls such as Offset and Rotation are meant to allow you to match this with the final placement of your PxrDomeLight.

This pattern is intended to be used in a look-development workflow with your asset at the scene origin/center to maintain the correct projection.

Input Parameters


This is where to supply an HDRI texture as the ground. Note that details may become lost as you travel away from the origin.

Environment Radius

This changes the distance of the supplied projection, incorrect values will result in visible stretching.

Offset X

Shift the result in the X direction. Negative values shift the opposite direction.

Offset Z

Shift the result in the Y direction. Negative values shift the opposite direction.


Rotate the result in degrees around the Y axis.

Filter Width

Can be used to blur the texture result.



This is typically connected to the Diffuse color input of your material.

Result Presence

This is connected to the Presence parameter of your material.


This connects to a PxrBumpMixer (required) that is then connected to the Normal/Bump parameter of your material, usually the global bump if one exists.