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The Kaboom Box HDA is RenderMan's version of the standard Houdini pyro lookdev node, Pyro Bake Volume, allowing RenderMan artists to quickly and realistically render pyro and volume sims, whether that's big explosions or smaller candle flames and everything in between

Once installed, the KaBoom Box sits inside the OBJ context and can easily be dropped into your node network, found under the RenderMan tab.

The HDA requires one input.  That input can either be a cached VDB file sequence or later down the network after your pyrosolver node. 

In this simple example, we're going to be using the default fireball preset within Houdini and using the Kaboom Box HDA to lookdev and render our fireball.  Please make sure that you have installed the HDA correctly, before proceeding.

First up, we need to create a geometry node and once created, dive inside and then drop down a Pyro Configure Fireball node.

Once the network has been created, we need to drop down a RenderMan Kaboom Box node and pipe this into the network after the pyrosolver node.

Lastly, select Fireball from the presets in the Kaboom Box properties panel and you should be all set!

Remember to insert some lights, a camera, and a RenderMan ROP into your scene and once all is done, you will be able to render your first Fireball explosion with Kaboom Box !!

Please Note: At the moment, you can only render your stunning pyro creations in RIS.  XPU Support will be coming in the future.