RenderMan for Maya provides its own shelf with shortcuts for many of the most basic and useful features of the plugin.


 Start a preview render.
Start interactive preview rendering.
Create a new light.

Create a new dome, portal or day light.

 Make the selected geometry into a mesh light.
Create a light filter and attach it to selected lights
Create a surface and attach to selected geometry
Create a PxrVolume or an OpenVDB Visualizer.
 Create a holdout from the selected geometry

Create an archive from the objects below the selected transform.

If nothing is selected, create a stand-alone archive node to reference an existing archive.

Update the contents of the archive if the original geo is still present in scene.

 Open the Image Tool, 'It'
 Open the Light Lister
 Open the Dynamic Rule Editor
 Open the Texture Manager
 Open the Preset Browser
 Open the Projection Editor
 View statistics for the last render
 Load the RenderMan for Maya plug-in
 Open the RenderMan documentation in a web browser


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